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Since 1998, we have been consistent in our delivery. As a good wine needs time to mature, we grew learning that to be the best, requires patience and experience.Whether to learn pasta or bread, gnocchi or any wonderful regional Italian cooking courses you may choose, our cooking schools in Sydney, and the Prosecco Hills will give you the experience that is Italy.

Luciana Sampogna’s cooking school was one of the three cooking schools in the world taught by the Sorelle Simili (Margherita and Valeria Simili who were recognized by the Italian Government and the region of Emilia Romagna for their authenticity and tradition). Luciana continues to teach the art passed by Sorelle Simili, with so much passion, love, and respect.


Design your own class - Colline di Luce

Design your own class

Here it is your time to shine. Grab a moment to share all the dishes you would like to learn. Please note we are in the Veneto region and our territory offer us wonderful ingredients that will blow you away. Luciana has worked for years in Bologna, so any dishes from the famous Emilia Romagna can be part of your repertoire too. Take your senses and love for Italian food to a new level, and open your own world to our territory.


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Design your own class - Colline di Luce
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