Colline di Luce

Together: is the best way.

Discover with us all the wonders of the Prosecco hills and our beautiful nest at San Pietro di Feletto. Lots of activities to make you enjoy your trip to the fullest. We are closer to the best places in Italy… From Venice to Cortina, Verona or Padova, or simply immerse yourself in nature at be part of our story. You are here to stay and fall in love!


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Stay with us

You can select the idyllic countryside of San Pietro di Feletto. Hills and hills of vines and bicycles crossing by… Or you can be romantic and lose yourself by finding your real self in Venice. Either way, we will show you the way. We will guide you to this magical part of the world. Come and LIVE the PROSECCO HILLS and  VENICE with us.

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Cooking classes in the Prosecco hills and more

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a culinary experience, or something to get your tasting bubbles going…. the Colline of Prosecco has the answer. All just an hour and a half away from Venice… It couldn’t be simpler. It’s time for you to find your place, in our territory.

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