Colline di Luce

Welcome to Colline di Luce, to my new life in the Prosecco Hills!

Here it is to a new chapter!

It was in 2020, when we were all living through loss and fear, uncertainty and confusion, lack of freedom and discouragement that I took one of the biggest decisions of my life.

In Sydney, my life was perfect and comfortable.

But the word comfortable was too comfortable and synonymous of loss to me.

Slowly, I was losing my dreams! My life was designed for others.

My career, success, was making me feel stuck in a routine.

I was living with something missing.

I then realized that while seeing my children growing, I never experienced much of their lives.

Working every weekend, being there for others and never for me, or the ones I loved, took a big impact of my life.

I don’t recall seeing Luca playing sports or Lella’s first soccer goal.

Yes, I remember I had to work during their special moments and have always been the mother who never met a parent for a coffee after a game.

My weekends had no meaning.

In fact, my first real time with my children was during the full lockdown.


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